Friday, March 13, 2015

OOTD: Garage Grunge

Since moving to New York I've had the opportunity to attend several shows at Fashion Week as well as help out backstage, and I always enjoy seeing what direction the designers take when deciding hair & makeup. Most of the time the hair is extreme & the makeup is crazy, but sometimes with a bit of tweaking you can make the styles wearable. While in Florida, I finally got the chance to wear my leather jacket for the first time & decided that I wanted to go for a slicked back "Grease" vibe. I'm not going to lie the humidity got the best of me & I whipped my hair into a top knot as soon as we were done taking the pictures, but it was fun to test out a new hairstyle. 


Another reason that I slicked my hair back, was so that I could show off my two newest piercings that I mentioned in this post! Since I can't commit to getting a tattoo aka I can't think of anything that I want permanently inked on me forever, I have to go the piercing route .. which is how we ended up at Fallen Angel. I ended up getting my forward helix on my left ear double pierced & let me tell you it hurt like a %!#@* or my pain tolerance has gone down severely lol. I really love how it turned out & am happy that I went with the plain silver route versus the blue & pink stud options -___- 

In other news this weather that we've been having here in New York these past couple of days has legitimately breathed new life into my soul! I can't remember the last time that I was T H I S excited for Spring & all the cute clothes that come along with it, who else is ready for skirts without tights?!


  1. Lovin' this look on you, Wave. Very effortless and cool.

    1. Also, I'm definitely ready for Spring, too. So done with Winter.

  2. The second picture is so pretty! Red lipstick looks great on you! I really like the two piece.

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