Thursday, February 26, 2015

OOTD: Canadian Tuxedo

One of the oldest rules in the book, is that if you wear something baggy on top you wear something fitted on the bottom & vise versa ... well yesterday I broke the rules! I scored these boyfriend/mom jeans on super sale at Gap for $13 when I was back in Maryland over Christmas. They're super comfy & have a relaxed fit that just begs to be styled in a million different ways .. so you'll be seeing a lot of them :) The sweater I'm wearing I also bought while in Maryland, and scored it for $5 at 2nd Ave. Thrift Store in Laurel. The sweater is really nicely made & is solid enough to add some serious extra warmth to any outfit. I've never been a huge fan of the "Canadian Tuxedo" aka denim on denim (on me personally), and decided to take a more mild approach by layering my sweater on top of my chambray button up.  

Sweater-L.L. BEAN via 2ND AVE, Button Up-J.CREW, Jeans-GAP, Boots-MIISTA, 
Necklace-C/O Rocksbox, Sun Glasses-MARSHALLS

These gorgeous boots that you're seeing are in fact the same ones that I scored at the Miista Sample Sale last week for the unbelievably low price of $40!!!! These boots are not just a pretty face, I broke them in yesterday for the first time & didn't have a single problem comfort-wise .. minus the part where I slid on some sneaky ice & almost wiped out. When I stepped out of the house yesterday in this outfit, I was rushing to make it to the Dove + Rocks Box Friendship Suite on time & didn't get a chance to grab a necklace. Little did I know that the perfect necklace was waiting for me at the event along with a complimentary glam touch up session & Dove's new dry spray deodorant. The necklace paired perfectly with my cream colored sweater, & the pearls even matched with the earrings that I already had on so it was a done deal. In other news I'm on to day 2 of my juice cleanse -___- make sure to check back on Saturday to read my full review of the 3 day cleanse & to make sure that I lived through it. 


  1. love your booties!
    xx nikki

  2. New York looks good on you, there is something about you that's different in a good way. Like a glow! I'm so jealous that you get sample sales. I heard about that one, and I love their brand. Day 2? Congrats!


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