Sunday, June 3, 2012

Zara's "Basic Sandal"

This post was supposed to be all about my new sandals purchased from Zara last week .. but the sad news is I have fat/wide feet & the heels fit perfect aside from the front half of my foot hanging off the side :( Tragedy I know TMI .. I know, but I already had this cool post all prepared for how I would style my new shoes, but now it's taken a different turn & I wanted to share with you how several other bloggers have paired & styled the sandals :)

Jill of Casual Friday

"I was drawn to the shoes because I've been itching for an alternative to my usual sky high platforms. They are so simple and sleek with just the right amount of interest added with the ankle strap. Not to mention the price is killer. Definitely one of the most versatile heels that look amazing with almost anything. I love wearing them with a pair of black or printed skinny jeans, a classic white or cream blouse, and a large clutch. Alternatively, they add a perfect finishing touch to a great high-low dress and a long, loose summer cardigan." 

Joannie of Urban Explorer

"I love versatile pieces and these Zara sandals are definitely one of them. It's basic but chic design allows you to either dress it up with a dress or down with just a pair of basic jeans!"

I want to say a huge THANKS!! to both ladies for lending me their stylish looks & words :) You should definitely check out both of their blogs because they're so adorable & the photography is fantastic!

I Hope everyone had a fun weekend! I spent most of mine running errands & catching up on projects. Tomorrow is my Mother-in-laws Birthday & I'm making a yummy dinner for her here at our house. I'm really excited to cook for her, but also VERY nervous because as I've told you countless times before that she's an AMAZINGGG cook specifically Italian :) Check back on Tuesday for the full run down :)


  1. Oh no, that is so sad! I have wide feet too so it's tough to fit into teeny tiny sandals too. :(

  2. MERP. the infamous shoes i heart themmmm

  3. Great post! Loved seeing how everyone wore the shoes...I love the way Zara shoes look, but they don't seem all that comfortable to me. Thanks for being honest about the fit!

  4. i have these too! wear 'em constantly!!...comfy & cute!...not to mention functional...

  5. can't wait to see you style them :-)


  6. I love these sandals, I've been eyeing them for a long time. I might have to give in and get a pair or two before they are all gone

  7. I had the blue & teal ones, they're so classic and chic. And for such a low price too!

  8. man, i've been in search for those damn shoes too, but then i wear a ten and only Zara's 11's fit me, and they never have them online. Ever!

  9. Oh I actually saw these in Montreal and fell in love with the orange/purple ones!

    I hope they are comfy as I am definitely buying them!


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  10. Hello,
    I was wondering if you ever got these sandals and would like to sell them, if so I would love to buy them.
    Thank you :)

  11. Love these! I just purchased ones from zara too, not exactly the style/colour I wanted. Love how you put this post together. xx


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