Saturday, May 19, 2012

Studded Converse D.I.Y.

Hey everyone! Hope you're enjoying your weekends so far :) I feel like it's Sunday because I've already had such a fun & packed weekend. This morning I had the pleasure of  taking a makeup class taught by the beautiful & talented Ana B it was so much fun & so informative! I'll share more information about her future classes & pictures from this morning later this week.

When I came back after the makeup lesson I decided that it was FINALLY time to stud my hot pink hightop converses. I've been wanting to stud them for several months since I was initially inspired by sincerely, Jule's studded pair pictured here.
Quick summery of the project
 Any pair of canvas shoes, I thrifted these ones several months ago
 However many studs you plan on using on the shoes, I purchased mine here from ebay
 Depending on how stubborn your studs are will determine if you need a screwdriver or pliers to close the studs
Focusing really hard :)
Happy that I finally started getting the hang of it
 Voila! 20 to 30 minutes later you have a fun updated version of your old plain shoes :)
 The studding was starting to hurt my fingers, so I didn't put at many studs as I wanted to. 
As you can see I did random different patterns on each shoe.
Creepin' in ma new shoes
 I already loved the shoes because they're hot pink, but now with this extra little bling they're pretty much perfect :) If you make or already have a pair of studded converses I'd love to see them!


  1. So awesome! You're so cool.

  2. So awesome! You're so cool.

  3. very cute shoes!

  4. Super cute! I need to step up my diy game!!

  5. Love this so much! I just got a pair on converse and I love the studded look! Perfect!

  6. This. Is. Awesome.


  7. very cute!! well done :-)



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