Saturday, August 27, 2011

What happens in VEGAS ...

This weekend has been kinda dreary with all the rain & the storms. I wish David was here so at least we could chill & watch movies but he's on the West coast visiting friends. I'm kinda jealous that he's off doing all this fun stuff including going to Vegas, but he definitely deserves a break before school. Since I can't go to Vegas myself, I'll have to settle for this little creation I whipped up :)


Viva.LasVegas by waverlybair featuring leather pumps
Hope you liked this little conglomeration <3 Have any of you been to Vegas, & if you have what was your favorite part??


  1. Yes! I LOVE Vegas! Love Planet Hollywood and Paris :-)

  2. I love the collage- makes me want to drink whiskey and dance till my feet blister ^.^

    sweetness xx
    hope to hear from you*!

  3. great collage! who drew the sketches? such an amazing style...

    xoxo, aimee
    diy blog:

  4. girl, i have never been to vegas before =X i hear mixed reviews all the time, but i would love to visit one day! hope david is having a great time =) and i love this cute collage youve made! have a great week dear!


  5. Love the little montage. I have never been to Vegas.. I want to though!

  6. Love what you made!
    Sadly I've never been to Vegas.
    Have a look at my blog!
    Love, Charlie


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