Friday, August 26, 2011

FABB in Floral

This past Wednesday I was lucky enough to go to my first DC FABB event at the adorable Violet boutique in D.C.  I must say that it exceeded ALL of my expectations for the event. All of the ladies that attended were not only so cute & stylish, but on top of that everyone was so nice & sweet. It was so awesome to be around so many cool people who all have similar interests & passions. It's also interesting to meet the people in person & get to know them as well as follow their blogs. A huge thank you to Julie (owner of the boutique), Lacey, & Liz!! I didn't feel like lugging my camera around so I don't have any pictures from the event :( However I did walk away with a little somethin' somethin' which I will show you guys later :) afterwards I snapped some shots of my outfit & a sneak peak of my purchase <3 OMG I forgot to mention my room is a M E S S & that's being generous. But I did find someone new or should I say something new to take my pics since David hates taking them lol you can find it 5 pictures down 

yes it really is a "red cup" but it really does the trick lol
slip(VS):THRIFTED skirt(no-name):THRIFTED d.i.y. belt:THRIFTED heels:EBAY 
kinda nervous for tomorrow for the storms from the hurricane, but it'll probably be fine. I hope everyone has a fun & safe weekend :)


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