Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Last Saturday I went to 3 different thrift stores, can you say DREAM DAY?!? I actually went about choosing clothes differently than how I normally do. I'm one of those people who has the mind set of "ooohhh this piece of clothing is weird/border line ugly I LOVE IT!! & I'm gonna make it work" ... what happens is I chop it up and try to "alter" it key word T R Y. Sometimes it works & when it does it's magic but to the thrifted scraps at the bottom of my closet who have never seen daylight I'm sorry :( nothing personal lol. Sooo back to the point of my story I only bought pieces that we're GREAT from the start & those included: a lime blouse, a nude blazer, & a brown patterned tunic! So excited because these are 3 items that are nothing like anything I currently own .. soooo that means that I will probably wear them more. Yupp, ohh yeah also I saw this adorable girl at the thrift store & like the creeper that I am I asked if I could take her picture for my blog. I think I definitely freaked her out, but she was sweet enough to pose for a few pics, thanks!!
thrifted(Men's Denim Pants d.i.y.'d & seen here): Calvin Klein, thrifted:Belt tank:H&M
 isn't she adorable! I love her bowler hat & her cute little crop tank the perfect summer look :)


  1. Lmao....I wasn't freaked out that blog by the way love the wedding pics y'all are an extremely cute and adorable couple

  2. cute outfit! obsessed with your belt! love!

    take care, aimee
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